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Greenville Supplemental Security Income Attorney

North Carolina Social Security Lawyer

Supplemental Security Income (also referred to as SSI or Title XVI) is a benefit program offered to poor and disabled people who meet the income, resources and living arrangement requirements to receive financial support for food, shelter and clothing. This is a welfare type program which is financed using general tax revenues, not Social Security taxes, and is designed to help the elderly, disabled, blind who have little or no income and need financial assistance.

Timothy E. Burch is a Greenville Supplemental Security Income attorney who is committed to helping people with their claims, appeals and eligibility regarding SSI benefits. There are many qualifications and specific forms you must fill out in order to apply for SSI. With a skilled attorney, you can be sure your forms are in order and that all applicable information is included to give you the best opportunity of qualifying for and receiving Supplemental Security Income.

One of the benefits of Supplemental Security Income is that an individual need not have worked or paid taxes under FICA (Federal Insurance Contributions Act). In addition, although you usually have to be a U.S. citizen to qualify, some noncitizen residents may be eligible. Along with SSI benefits, you may also be able to receive Medicaid to help pay for doctor and hospital bills.

Qualifications for Supplemental Security Income

Following are several of the qualifications and factors which determine eligibility for Supplemental Security Income benefits:

  • You must be over 65 years old, or
  • You must be blind, or
  • You must be disabled
  • You must have less than $2000 in resources, or less than $3000 if filing jointly with a married partner (resources include bank accounts, stocks, cash, bonds and real estate other than the house you currently live in)
  • (Note: blind or disabled children may qualify for SSI, depending upon the specific situation)

If you would like to know if you qualify for SSI benefits, if you have already filed a claim, or if you have been denied benefits, we can help. Supplemental Security Income lawyer Timothy E. Burch is experienced in dealing with these issues.

Contact Greenville Supplemental Security attorney Tim Burch today!

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