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Social Security Disability Myths

Experienced Social Security Lawyer Serving Greenville, North Carolina

If you are considering filing for Social Security Disability benefits, it is important to consult a knowledgeable Social Security attorney like Timothy Burch. There are several misconceptions surrounding Social Security laws. You can depend on Attorney Burch to set the record straight, address your concerns, and clarify anything you may not fully understand.  You may find that something you thought was true about Social Security disability laws is actually just a myth.

Myth #1:  Everyone is denied Social Security benefits the first time they apply.

Fact:  This is absolutely a myth. There is no reason why you should anticipate your claim will be denied.  

Myth #2:  Your claim will be denied a certain amount of times before it is approved.

Fact:  Like the first myth, this is once again false.  If your claim is denied the first time you apply for benefits, Attorney Timothy Burch can review your application to determine why your claim was denied and then help you file an appeal.  Working with an experienced Social Security Disability lawyer will greatly improve your chances of getting your claim approved on your first or second attempt.

Myth #3: Certain disabilities, injuries, and conditions will automatically be approved.

Fact:  One thing you need to remember is that Social Security laws are not that cut and dry.  The types of claims that are approved are the ones in which the claimant has suffered a “total disability.”  However, even claimants with total disabilities can have their claims denied.  For this reason, it is always best to work with a skilled Social Security attorney when applying for benefits.

Myth #4: I cannot be approved for benefits if I have a history of drug abuse or alcoholism.

Fact:  Benefits will not be awarded to anyone who has suffered an injury or disability because of their addiction to drugs or alcohol.  However, if a claimant’s drug and alcohol abuse is not related to their injury or disability, there is no reason for his/her claim to automatically be denied. 

Myth #5: Only people above the age of 50 can apply for Social Security benefits.

Fact:  Although it may seem like people over the age of 50 are more likely to be approved for benefits, it does not mean that someone in their twenties, thirties, or forties cannot obtain benefits as well.  If a person between the ages of 20 and 49 suffers a “total disability,” there is no reason why their claim has less of a chance of being approved.

Interested in applying for Social Security Disability Benefits? Contact Greenville Social Security Attorney Timothy Burch today!

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