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The Do’s and Don’ts of Social Security Disability

In order to be successful in receiving the Social Security Disability benefits you are entitled to, there are several actions that you can take which will increase the chances of receiving approval for your claim.  More importantly, there are things that you should avoid doing to reduce the risk of being denied. By following these general guidelines and by working with a skilled attorney, you have the best chance of having your claim approved.


  • Apply for benefits as soon as possible.
  • Seek legal advice as early as possible.
  • File an appeal immediately, if you are denied at any stage of the claim process.
  • Contact an attorney if you are denied at any point in attempting to get Social Security Benefits.
  • Keep detailed records of all hospital and doctor visits and record the information of all the medical facilities where you have received care.
  • Inform your doctor or doctors that you are applying for benefits, and ask if they will support your claim.
  • Follow through with all medication and treatment for your conditions.
  • Submit to testing and visits to specialists as recommended by your doctors.
  • Report any and all of your medical problems on your Social Security Disability application, as well as all symptoms that you are experiencing, as they will only strengthen your claim. Be sure to report these symptoms and problems at each medical visit as well, so this information can be backed by your doctors.
  • Include depression and anxiety as symptoms, if you are experiencing these mental conditions.


  • Don’t assume that you aren’t eligible. You may be even if you think you are not.
  • Don’t give up if your claim is not approved. If it is denied, file an appeal immediately.
  • Don’t trust your future to the SSA and the information they provide. Be sure to consult an attorney to get additional information as to how you can qualify for benefits, even if the SSA informed you that you did not qualify.
  • Don’t assume the SSA will obtain all of your medical records, treatment information and information about your symptoms. By working with a lawyer, you can ensure this occurs so you are treated fairly.
  • Don’t assume that the SSA or your doctor will understand your symptoms. Be sure to communicate these symptoms fully and clearly.
  • Don’t assume that depression and anxiety are common side effects of your disability. They require treatment and attention as well and will likely increase your chances of approval.
  • Don’t refuse testing, treatment or attention from a specialist. These may hurt your claim and cause you to be denied.

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