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Greenville Social Security Disability Attorney

North Carolina Social Security Claims & Appeals Lawyer

Social Security Disability benefits are offered by the Social Security Administration (SSA), a federal government agency which offers financial assistance to retired and disabled workers. If you have become emotionally or physically disabled, you may be eligible to receive these benefits. The amount you are eligible to receive is calculated based upon a complex formula and index, and filing a claim and attempting to receive benefits can be complicated and time-consuming.

Not sure if you are eligible for Social Security Disability? Was your claim denied by the SSA? Consult an attorney immediately to see how you may qualify and whether you can file an appeal regarding your denied claim. Your denial may have simply been an oversight on your part or it may be a more complex issue that requires immediate legal attention by a skilled lawyer, so you can still receive the benefits you are entitled to.

Social Security Disability Claims in North Carolina

Greenville Social Security Disability attorney Timothy E. Burch is qualified to help you with your Social Security claim or appeal. He has years of experience in dealing with eligibility issues and contesting a denial so you can receive benefits. You may be able to receive as much financial support as you would have if you retired at your full retirement age.

If you are a widow or widower who has recently been disabled, if you are a young worker who has been disabled and can no longer work, or if you were close to retirement but were disabled, we can help. We deal with all types of Social Security Disability issues and will fight to help you get the benefits that you need.

At the Burch Law Office, we help people throughout Eastern North Carolina, and we are conveniently located near Kinston, Greenville, Williamston, Washington, Snow Hill, Tarboro, New Bern, Wilson, and Goldsboro. Call now to see how we can help you with your claim or appeal.

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